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a person who is hilarious, kind hearted, has a weird sense of humor and teases you all the time but at the end of the day, is always here for you. big heart and really caring he will do anything to make you smile. if you have a tadelle in your life you will never get bored. may be a bit awkward but you will fall in love with him. can never stop talking, is smart, entertaining and interesting aswell as well as extremely sexy, who likes the color red and likes sports, especially basketball. has a lot of friends and is either loved or hated. does things without thinking. extremely fun to be around. will make all the girls fall in love with him but will not be interested in any. biggest procrastinator, corrects everyone. great brother.
procrastinator, basketball, brother, sexy, awkward, tadelle
by takeapictureofthem October 13, 2013
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