Tabernac is one of the worst curse words you can use in French Canada. French Canada has a strong tradition of Roman Catholicism and this sacriligious word takes the word "tabernacle" in vain.
"tabernac' de fou", "c't'une tabernac d'affaire, là"
by Doctor Livingstone May 14, 2005
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Fr. Canadian. An expression of surprise, warning ('look out!), astonishment, or disgust. Alternate spelling of tabarnak.
(To a wayward horse from the cart driver.) 'Whoa! Whoa! Tabernac!'
by userboy May 16, 2013
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it's the Canadian French version of goddamn it. Its taken just as seriously by bible beaters there too.
Canadian Friend: Tabernac! I just stubbed my toe on a potato!
American Friend: Why are you beating on my potato with your goddamn toe!
by tabbygrl June 14, 2015
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