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A great counter text-based RPG game where you can train many skills and gain XP.
. Many different skills
. Specialise in one skill or train them all
. Make money in syrnian currency
by Skellyness March 24, 2008
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Crap on-line game riddled with bugs and noobs from runescape asking to see their character.

Started of as a school project for an ignorant Dutch kid who after about a year forgot about the game and it soon when down hill in the end. This due to the fact that the game staff all formed an alliance called a clan. Once this happened they made up the rules as they went along. This was not helped by the fact 3 of the creators brothers all played and if someone doesn't fit in they are ridiculed and made a mockery of.

Some others that were given these in game privileges were lady raven, who often had cyber with the game creator so she got a head start and free items.

Stay away at all costs, if you are not at the top now you never will be if you come close you get banned.
Roy: I want to waste a year of my life watching a timer counting down every minute.

Frank: Play syrnia but you might as well get divorced now as well.
by Mike Hergarden April 25, 2008
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