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A name used only for those wielding ginormous genitalia (cockzilla) with a talent in every field. Gym lad, party starter, kind of guy to make a boring campfire song lit with his sick beats. People dream of being called such a name. Any and every girl will be yours in an instant once they realise you're a syncopatient.
Sexy girl: Wow! He must be a syncopatient. I'm horny already!
by Mr. The Problem March 15, 2017
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A person that needs tasty beats to survive.
Is your butt sore from sitting all day? Can you not stop tapping you toes? Do you have something funky inside you that you just can't get out? All you syncopatients come on over to Dr. Groove's office to fill up your soul prescription with the finest beats and rhythms.
by Alphabet Male September 19, 2019
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