To share a mental connection or bond with someone, or to have a lot in common with someone.
Karen is into yoga too. She and I are totally sympatico.
by anonymous_poster July 24, 2005
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An expression used by seamen when they visit prostitutes in a port and a prostitute doesn't charge one of them because "she liked it." The lucky stiff then brags, "I had a sympatico" and his friends echo enviously, "He had a sympatico."
by Max December 7, 2003
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Sympatico high speed internet is a 5 Mb per second DSL Connection. Well actually it is more like dial-up...Speacially at Saturdays and Sundays...And when it disconnect's every 1h...and you have to restart the howl thing...So point sure to be ready to pay that much for a dial-up connection(only Saturdays and Sundays)...but it is good with P2P's...
" We are unable to cennect your computer to the Internet. Please call the tall free number(after comes the number...)
Thank you for using Sympatico High-Speed Internet".
by AQ Hater August 20, 2006
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To be 'in sync with'. Originally sited in the 1966 classic 'Trouble with Angels'. recently re-invented becoming the 'now' word to describe people or events that have a psychic link.
I swear he is so sympatico - he was saying he wanted to rent the house next door just days ago and today the owner just left saying it will be vacant around the time he gets back from holidays ... SPOOKY !!!!
by CarmKat November 2, 2010
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A Bell Canada Internet Service. Well, tries to be. Ever heard about overpriced, censored internet? A myth? Not anymore.

If your account has too much traffic (damn people, go outside), your download speed goes from 400 to 200 and then to 20.

They only use the cheapest wireless routers. SpeedStream 6520 is supposed to broadcast to 30 meters. Oh really? Actually its more like 10, no walls.

You like free movies? Free music? Well we DON'T! Sympatico has a nice habbit to slow all torrent P2P traffic to 30 after 6. Mrrmm..

Anyways, don't take rogers, they usually watch your downloads and send letters if you visited PirateBay too often.

I suppose you can use Videotron, they are cool. So Ive heard.
Your account has been banned for bandwidth overuse. We do not have any download/upload limit but we just felt like that you are overcharging our servers. And no p2p. No no no, you pay, you suffer.

You get what you pay for, in this case, its the contrary.

Thank you for using Sympatico Internet. Have a nice day.
by Aroll May 24, 2008
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Well, I got sympatico, and well, it sucked 'cuz i ordered the "total internet performance" and i'm supposed to be getting 7 mbps and i'm only getting 10% of that - 0.7.

Damn crappy sympatico.

I'm switching to rogers (though i doubt it'll be better)

-Me on Thursday, December 20, 2007.
by Connor M December 20, 2007
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