Syl stands for Slutty Young Ladies
Those girls are so syl .
by gangbangerzzzzz October 12, 2015
A loser with no life; goes through life with and procastinates with a passion. The "man" or should we say Silly mun is how he wishes to be called.
by The Man behind the Man June 4, 2003

Simon: today I have to go to a party
Eric: Why?
Simon: because it's a birthday party
Eric: ohh ok
Simon: ok bye
Eric: SYL
by fsdjjhdhfd August 24, 2016
Guy one: I gtg but I'll come back
Guy two: Okay syl
by bibbitybobbitybullshit December 10, 2020
He is a loving and caring person
He's very shy and hardly talks to girls

But once you get to know him you'll know that he is the best boyfriend, best friend and brother you'll ever find.
In him is a great sense of humor and doesn't like talking too much,but always wants to talk to girls but afraid of speaking up.He is very cute and charming
Who is Syl-bryan

Is he cute
Is he honest
by Sylbryan November 24, 2021