People who live Sydney, Australia.
sydneysiders drink a lot of lattes
by ziam December 5, 2006
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A person who lives in Sydney, Australia and really hates Melbourne. Their hobbies include sooking about how Sydney is better than Melbourne because they have a massive chip on their shoulder.

Most of them are having trouble dealing with the fact that Sydney has had its day, and Melbourne has no where to go but up. Typically, they will have go on about how much it rains in Melbourne, oblivious to the fact that Sydney's average rain fall is higher than that of Melbourne's.

While they're at it, they'll also like to tell you that NRL is better than AFL. Again, oblivious to the fact that the average attendance for a home and away NRL game is about 15,000, while a home and away AFL game averages 40,000. The games that break the average are usually Melbourne Storm games held at Etihad Stadium.

They are also upset that Melbourne is the sporting, fashion and cultural capital of Australia. Sydney is although home to Australia's drug capital, King's Cross.

When they are not going on about how bad Melbourne is, they are usually sitting around bored because they don't have anything else to do.
Melbournian in Sydney "I'm happy to be heading back to Melbourne today,"
Sydneysider "Melbourne sucks, I can't stand it. It's really funny how Melbournians think we have a chip on our shoulder, the way they see it, you'd think all we ever do is complain about Melbourne!"
by chocky3072 October 25, 2009
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