Management style of not paying much attention to things until the deadline and then criticizing the work thats been done.
What'd bet Jones comes by today and pulls a swoop and poop.
by Attom July 1, 2010
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went you move into a realtionship and shit all over the situation
It looked like Ron was serious about her untill he pulled the swoop and poop.
by Eldo August 6, 2005
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When well intended teams, emboldened by progress, are confronted by an unseen, underestimated, and devastating obstacle with such insurmountability, that it forces the team to retreat, forfeit all progress, and question all of their life decisions to that point in time and wonder if they should have just gone to law school after all. Look, Josh is a lawyer and he hardly works.
At their final presentation, the team was introduced to stakeholder they’d never met before, who they’d been assured didn’t care about their project, but now seemed eager to deliver a cataclysmic swoop and poop.
by Dr.Jslammajamma September 25, 2019
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