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1) Demagnetized; the state of a credit or debit card which has been run through a card reader too many times.
2) Unable to access money in the bank due to the phenomenon of being swiped out (def. 1).
I gotta fill the tank, but my card's been swiped out.
by tomte May 19, 2004
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1.) def. When you have viewed everyone one in the suppounding area and ya run out of swipes!
β€œMan I done swiped right so much I swiped out . The hoes ran dry!”
by Richmond Meiser November 04, 2017
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adj.: of a magnetic-strip card, to have lost its information due to over-use.
I wanted to buy some new gear, but my credit card was all swiped-out, I have to get a new one.
by AndrΓ© April 22, 2004
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