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Any person enforcing the collection of arbitrary payment or influencing the expenditure of money, while adding no value.

Examples of activities that cause one to be a swindlefuck include, but are not limited to: taxation with inefficent or misuse of funds, cover charge without live performance, fines for things that harm literally no-one, claiming intent to pay someone back for something but never doing it
Some swindlefuck just gave both of us a $200 fine for a fender bender that we had already sorted.

The event coordinators are swindlefucks this year — charging seperately for on-site parking.

Oh, I forgot it's swindlefuck night at this bar; one block south is a good place with no cover, let's go there.

My tail-light burned out, I noticed it backing out of your drive last night to head home; a swindlefuck with a burned out headlight pulled me over - they think I owe them $100 now.

1: Oh no, I forgot my card. Will you get my drinks? I'll pay you back.
2: Like the last time?
1: What do you mean?
2: I know better, swindlefuck.
by faireOwl June 26, 2018
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