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There are two stages of swimdick:
1. Your penis will shrink to at least a fifth of its normal size due to cold water temperatures.

2. Your penis will become erect at the sight of bikini bitches and will be impossible to hide.
Me: dude, what's wrong? Why are you holding your crotch?
Male Friend: I've got swimdick, man
Me: I feel your pain
by ironluke June 28, 2014
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Phenomena occurring after spending extended periods of time in water. Usual characteristics include wrinkled, shriveled balls and a very straight, narrow, but nonetheless smaller than usual, dick.

Often accompanied by swimwear plastered to the body, especially in the crotchal region, outlining and exposing even the most minuscule details.

Similar to shrinkage, but is not limited to cold water.
By first carefully calculating his steps as he got out of the pool--so as not to leave any angle that one might see unchecked--and then peeling his suit away from his crotch, Donald managed to successfully hide his swimdick from the other pool-goers.
by Leron Blumenfeld June 16, 2010
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