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the only chicks hotter than the cheerleader girls...the swim team girls!!!!!!

damn those swim team girls with their tight wet low cut suits and big tits be sexy as hell
"i'd tap that" - any straight guy on swim team girls
by steve92 January 13, 2009
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Girls that nobody likes but other swim team girls and think they are welcome at parties when they are clearly not
"Tommy was having this party but it was ruined when all the swim team girls came."

"We were having a good time until the swim team girls showed up"
by dirty111 March 17, 2008
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Girls that for some strange reason believe they are cool, yet they are in fact exactly the opposite.

They believe in grouping together and performing shaving rituals with each other without feeling like a dumbass and usually give each other bikini waxes.

They usually think they are hot, but usually are covered in a mass-spread of acne.

Swim Team Girls usually believe they are funny too, but quite the contrary they lock people in verbal handcuffs until they strangle themselves to death.

In contrast and conclusion Swim Team Girls pretend to text people all the time like they have friends when instead they are texting themselves just to look cool and attempt to impress people.

Guy 1: Hey look at that girl I think she is on the swim team, yea she is on her phone texting.

Guy 2: Nah I know her she is just texting herself to try and look cool.


Guy 1: OMFG you can't even see that swim team girls face she has so much face acne.

Guy 2: *barfs*


Swim Team Girl 1: Hey girl, make sure you show up early to our shaving party tonight! There's going to be food, fun, and razors!

Swim Team Girl 2: Oh yea! I want to get a brazilian wax!
by Swim Team Guy February 17, 2010
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