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Unit for measuring any measurable value. It is largely inconsistent, as a rectangle may be one swiggot in length and one swiggot in width and not be a square. However, an advantage is that you can B.S. a measurement of something, and no one can call you on it.
Nondescript Antagonist 1: How long is your crotch sausage?
Nondescript Respondent: That's a little personal.
Nondescript Antagonist 2: Don't be a dickcock. Tell us how long it is?
Nondescript Respondent: Thirteen swiggots.
Nondescript Antagonist 1: Wowzo! That sounds impressive.
Nondescript Respondent: Did you just use the term "wowzo"?
by jgthomas January 13, 2007
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