graffiti artist extrordinaire, a puller of briefs and a connoissuer of fine kush strains
i thought i was good, but this nigga swich made me look straight toy. then he took my girl while smoking some of the best weed i have ever seen!
by the masked vandal March 10, 2008
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swiched. this word means when you: I'm stupid and cannot spell switched correctly.
"hey, you swiched schools right?"
response: "are you fucking stupid?"
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Used by idiots that can't spell switched
Me- "He swiched the topic just like that!"
Friends- "Swiched isn't a real word lmfao"
Me- "I'll get it in the dictionary and then we'll see who's laughing you bitch"
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A swich is a sweet female dog(bitch).The swich is lovely friendly and will never bite.
"Your dog is so evil unlike mine. She is a total swich!"
by Toggle ur noggle April 29, 2006
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Swiche is a word similar to "sweet" or "dank." It can be used to describe that hobo on the street, or that chick at your school who gives blowjobs for hot cheetos. The term swiche is regulary used by the American Actor James Franco after the young filmmaker Evan Hara shouted it to him across a red carpet. Pronounced SWEESH
Bro, that hand job was swiche
by SwonkyPonky February 6, 2018
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Tightest underground hip hop record label around.. promotin the fattest parties in SF..
by Alex Z April 19, 2003
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