to have a nice ass

an expression to describe something really great

something that tastes good, looks good, feels good.

stress is placed on the "e"
"she was sitting on her sweet sweet can"

"hey there sweet can"

"I just wanted to grab his sweet can"

Chrisi: "Danny i just brought over some pierogi"

Danny: "pierogis are some sweet sweet can"
by chrisi April 24, 2004
Verb. The act of editing video footage of a person, especially an interview, to completely change the meaning of what they were saying or doing in order to falsely depict them in a negative light. Based on the Simpsons episode "Homer Badman" where Homer Simpson is falsely accused of sexual harassment, is interviewed by an investigative journalist who then proceeds to heavily edit the footage to make it seem like he want to grab her "sweet can".
A: Did you see that interview with professor Whateverington? The interviewer totally pwned him!
B: Dude, that interview was a sweetcanning. You saw five minutes, they had recorded a full hour. They actually took answers to some questions and edited it to make them answers to other questions. Professor Whateverington actually has the full footage and published it, you can see for yourself.
by Hahahanoyoudont May 11, 2019