swavy means that something is awesome and represents something or someone with swagg. it's only used for cool stuff. it's a better and cooler version of swavy, but don't overuse it or else swavy won't be swavy anymore. swavy describes anything that is cool or awesome.
"did you see my new shoes?"
"yeah, they're swavy!"
by jennaraelynn January 18, 2012
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Going above and beyond wavy, cool, or any other word used to describe a person that is headed in the right direction in life.

Simple definition:
The next level of cool/wavy/based/insert cool term/

1. Yo, did you see Cpremebing last night? That's one Swavie dude my guy!

2. Why are you giving away so much stuff?
Idk man, im just being swavie, it's the right thing to do.

3. Doing what you wanna do in life is swavie
by CpremB!NG March 5, 2018
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(Swä-veh) Adjective. A person of great intellectual status whom is usually rich and wearing a monocle; snobbish.
The swavy man recited only the finest works by Shakespeare.
by Amanda Ammié February 27, 2008
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A princess who stays swavy, most likely only likes swavy people, and only associates with swavy people, usually has a fatty, and is often named Linda.
"Oh my god look at her, she's such a Swavy Princess."
by swavygal September 18, 2014
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