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Going above and beyond wavy, cool, or any other word used to describe a person that is headed in the right direction in life.

Simple definition:
The next level of cool/wavy/based/insert cool term/

1. Yo, did you see Cpremebing last night? That's one Swavie dude my guy!

2. Why are you giving away so much stuff?
Idk man, im just being swavie, it's the right thing to do.

3. Doing what you wanna do in life is swavie
by CpremB!NG May 09, 2018
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1)A ratchet, unclassy, nasty way of going about.
2)Repugnant smell
"She was acting very swavie when she hooked up with her best friend's man last night."
"I tried to act like I was into him, but he was too swavie, please get him some gucci perfume for christmas."
by jkayrulin March 10, 2016
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