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(n). 1. When a male gets physically aroused while suffering from swamp ass, his member is known as "swamp thing."
2. The event of being sexually aroused while suffering from swamp ass.
I was riding my bike when this ultra fine girl walked across the street and gave me "swamp thing."
by Rylock May 05, 2008
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To annoy by means of posting gross and obscene pictures. Ussualy takes place in forums and on the internet.
1. I am going to pull a swampthing on your forum.

2. Someone stop him, he is pulling a swampthing!
by SwampThing August 01, 2005
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The Swamp Thing, a comic-book based movie made in 1982, tells a heroic tale of a story. Anyways, it is a super good awesome movie, as is its sequel, The Return of The Swamp Thing made in 1989. Both are must sees.
lets go watch The Swamp Thing and then eat french fries and gravy.
by Wilburrr September 02, 2005
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A girl who looks are so frightening it looks as if she has emerged from a swamp to prey sexually on innocent drunken males. Often found in clubs and bars with tits hanging out, smeared make up and multiple drinks in hand.
Did you see Lauren last night. God swamp thing is hideous
by Nick The Chode Lipari January 28, 2011
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When you are having sex (preferabbly unprotected) with a girl (must be vaginal) and you cum, you pull out quickly and reach in her pussy. When you grab some of her secretions and also your own, you smear it all over her face and go "Swamp thing!" This is a variation on "WOLFMAN!"
Dude, last night, I totally swamp thing'd this girl. She was so pissed, but I just laughed because she smelled like shit.
by Jolly Green Giant Penis September 04, 2006
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edwin torres attempted to clean out the campus pond and ended up sinking waiste deep into toxic waiste. From there emergency back up was called and eddie was stripped and hosed down for everyone, (freshman tours included) to see. He survived.
by jamie October 07, 2004
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An individual who rescues plus sized women from vehicles overturned in swamps. In exchange for this service sexual gratification of various and sundry sorts is expected such as the angry dragon or the hot karla.
Tammy's big ass rolled her car over in the swamp now the swamp thing is gonna angry dragon her.
by silk dog April 01, 2005
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