Stealing somebody else's ways, copying their swagger. Popularized by Juelz Santana.
Newer rappers are always swagger jacking artists like Tupac and B.I.G
by Shelaya November 28, 2005
To steal; to copy; to use as one's own; to imitate
Stop swagger jackin' my nifty ideas!
by Harold&Herbert August 8, 2006
To steal one's swagger; copy or imitate actions, saying, or personal habits
Justin just swagger jacked Jon's sayings
by notDerekorCraig November 3, 2011
A person who jacks or steals someone else's swagger. When someone that is not very cool takes feels the need to take someone else's swagger or awesomeness.
Raul: Oh my god I'm so awesome! And i think I'll take the Spanish name Cristobal!

Josh: Oh my god that Raul kid is sooooo awesome and cool! The only way I can be as cool as him is to Swagger Jack him and take the name Raul.

Raul: Stop Swagger Jacking me, you will never be as awesome or cool as me.
by rcar31 October 7, 2009
a person who has swag and a lumberjack beard.
jeff is a swagger jack.
by jc139 December 5, 2012
being jack swaggered is to be very drunk on alcohol. the effects of other drugs do not count.
Fishy: "i am defo Jack Swaggered"
Other person: "No you are blates drunk mate"
Fishy: "yeah. So i am Jack Swaggered 2K9"
Other person: "you are a drunken bellsniff mate"
by RJ2009 March 29, 2009