1. when you have mad swag and you are leaving the building.

2. when someone tries to hard and they swag out (like strike out but in accordance towards swag
1. A fly young gentleman leaves the party/room/area by saying "Swag Out." then everybody else follows him out

2. yo man you tryin way to hard. what a swag out.
by Roger Federer December 31, 2011
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When you know you're fresh and are leaving the room. you tell people "Swag Out".
example 1:

Fly Dude in the room: Aiight bro, I'ma head out.

Crowd in the room: Peace, Later bro.

Fly Dude leaving the room: Swag Out.

example 2:

Fly Dude in a CoD lobby: Yeeah, just shitted on ya

Crowd in the Lobby: Fuk you bro.

Fly Dude leaving the lobby: Swag Out.
by DJ Imperial February 14, 2011
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