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Each person has a swag level. You can reach different swag levels by points called "Swag points". There are atleast 7 levels of swag which you can classify yourself as...

Level 1. ight +0
Level 2. Chill +5
Level 3. Tight +10
Level 4. Dope +15
Level 5. sky high +20
Level 6. Epic +25
Level 7. Fly +30

The +'s are how many swag points it is until you reach that level... Everybody starts of at ight. You may earn points by different acts you do for example if you get cell numbers, if you dress fly, if your pants are kinda low, if your straight up making bank, and lastly if you got bitches all around you!

Now since you know, go out and improve your swag level and post on Facebook what it is as soon as it hits the next level
1. "Yo im only like 2 points away from hitting fly on my swag level"
2. "Damn bro, im still just Dope, but i only need to get 3 more swag points before i be sky high"
1. "Thats great, but you still ain't up with me"
by rockinwithswagger13 December 31, 2011
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