Swag level master: someone who has gotten past the first 99 tiers of swag and reached such high swag they are a master. By the off chance you run into a swag master you must bow respectfully and say sup swagmaster Sam (for example). When you become one whenever you go out you must have a posse of swag friends level 7+ meaning they are fly. To gain such a high level of swag you need a big dick, talk the talk, walk the walk, and makes lots of parodies. Also use the word swag a lot and each time you will go up a level. The highest swag level master is a Chinese dude with a level of 5000 however generally a swagmaster is 500+.
Random swag less guy: yo sup swagmaster. Swag level master: *quick nod with shades*. Random swag less guy at school: OMG yesterday I was acknowledged by a Chinese swag master!
by Dondochakka aka swagman October 5, 2013
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