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A word translated by Denise, Nicole, and Jen on September 29th 2006 to mean "sweet" in German. The story goes that the three were finally on their way to Munich for Oktoberfest after 24 hours of getting lost in Germany (missing flights, splitting trains, incorrect routes, etc). Once on the train to Munich they, naturally, began getting hammered (even though it was 7am). Soon enough they came across a food cabin with a bunch of drunken Germans on their way to the fest too. So they began socializing with the miscreants and soon "sexy hammered" came into their lives; a tall, blonde German completely dressed in white from head to toe. At some point the conversation went from him telling the girls that the translation of "sweet" in German was "sveus" to him telling the girls he's "sexy-hammered."
And that ladies and gentlemen is the origin of the word "sveus". So if you ever get to hearing people say "sveus" instead of "sweet" now you know why. Don't let anyone tell you different or I sware our mafiosa-ness will open a can on your ass.
"And then I found fifty dollars!"
"That's sveus!"
"We lost our game today."
"I'm sorry, that's not very sveus."
"They gave me a free peanut-butter gelato."
"That was sveus of them."

by Denise Zocchi December 05, 2006
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