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female name meaning brightest star origin: persian, muslim, iranian. also see...Queen Soraya of Persia
by handsomeSmansome June 25, 2009
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Surraya,Soraya,Suraya,Surayya are just the varies ways to spell the word ( S-U-R-A-Y-A)

Usually the most prettiest, nicest, weirdest and most random person you'll ever met. Surrayas tend to be very passionate and faithful. They are the best in being the most wonderful person ever with a fun personality and a nice smile. Surrayas should be great in a friendship and relationship. If you ever thought of dating a Surraya, it should be great! Yet be aware, Surrayas are always nice, but they are not the type of person that you can easily defeat- they are the hardest. In a way, they are also evil; in their own way. In easy ways to describe them, everyone loves Surayas.
"Surraya, you're so nice!"
"Have you seen Soraya today? She's so pretty,"
by NAMEEXPLAINER December 26, 2016
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