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A word that internet moron SixStringDIABLO makes up while posting about his Mensa level intelligence on IMDb.
"Someone with your lack of intellect just can't comprehend it when someone of my superious intellect uses logic. Your brain just isn't capable of comprehending it! But I do find your comments to be hilarious!"
by Dr. Brandon Johns September 06, 2009
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suยทpeยทriยทous (sa-pรฎr-i-us) adj.

To be seriously superior to something.
Example 1;

Maseur #1 'Hey, check out my sweet moves!' *thoroughly breaks neck*
Maseur #2 'NO nonono, check THESE moves out!' *impregnates 3 women*
Maseur #3 'Wow man, Maseur #2 was totally superious' *claps hands and disappears*
Maseur #1, Maseur #2 '... Superious.'

Example 2;

Bloke #1 'Check out my bowling arm!'
Bloke #2 'Well my wanking arm is definitely superious to yours'
Bloke #1 'I haven't got much to say to that'
Bloke #2 ':D'
by bazzman_7 June 21, 2009
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being teh 1337 of teh 1337.
dude 1: did you see that guy pwn all those dudes?
dude 2: hell yeah man, he's totally superious to them.
by kbosaurus December 14, 2007
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Something that you spend a lot of time on, to obtain as good a quality as humanly possible,
Tell me... Whats the point in having thousands of dollars in camera equipment, spending hours shooting, adjusting and finishing an image to get it as superious are you can. Then printing from a fucking jpg?
by Hiker42 June 24, 2013
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