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1. adj. profoundly immoral beyond the immediate comprehension of unfortunately so many
2. adj. evil and dangerous to democracy and other republican forms of government

3. oddly succinct combination of English words describing Donald Trump, the same way it's done in Germany...the German language, not the previous German dictator he-who-must-not-be-named if only not to tempt the fate of a terrible future, leading to a real life Harry Potter scenario where people are attacked, not wizards...and yes it would be so bad, and yes it is already happening so people please do something about it sooner rather than later.
1. America's 2016 Republican nominee is superdangerousevilracistsexistandatrocious.
2. Often the superdangerousevilracistsexistandatrocious are arrested and convicted of their crimes, unless terribly wealthy.
3. Your first instinct that someone is superdangerousevilracistsexistandatrocious is probably correct.
by aguywhogivesarats July 22, 2016
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