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A swirlie wherein the toilet is flushed multiple times with the victim's head remaining in the bowl from flush to flush. Could be rapid-fire flushes or just a couple long full flushes. High risk of drowning the victim if it goes on too long since a person can only hold their breath for so long. If the toilet has poop in it at the start, it can be called a "super chocolate swirly." The victim's face can be pressed against the bottom of the bowl to prevent the poop from flushing away on the first flush, making for a nastier super swirlie.
Yo bro, I just gave that loser Evan a chocolate super swirlie! I flushed him like 6 times in a row and his face had shit smeared all over it, soI gave him a hanging wedgie on the stall and left him there! You should go find him and flush him some more; give him a good royal swirlie to really show him who's boss.

Those jocks Max and Jake gave me a super swirlie last period. I thought they were never gonna let my head out of the toilet bowl, it was awful.
by yikestbh June 08, 2016
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