A game developed by Amusement Vision, a subsidiary of Sega, and released as a launch title in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube where the player is tasked with getting a monkey trapped inside a ball into the goal. However, moving the Control Stick doesn't move the monkey, rather, it tilts the stage. This game is actually a remake of a Japan-only arcade game, simply titled Monkey Ball.
Expert Floor 7 is the hardest stage in Super Monkey Ball.
by Gestersmek September 13, 2014
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A Feminist response to all the sick perverted shit that men do to women during sexual intercourse.
It begins when a woman's male sexual partner tries to convince her to shave her pubic hair. The woman does it, but saves her pubes, and during sexual intercourse--preferably directly after her male sexual partner has attained orgasm--she takes her shaved pubes in one hand and grabs his balls as hard as she can. If there is come anywhere around the testicles, the hair might stick, giving the male Super hairy "monkey balls". Glue may be used, if the woman is in doubt as to how much the hair will stick.

Girl 1: "My pedophile ex-boyfriend tried to get me to shave my pubes, so I gave him the ol' 'Angry Super Monkey Balls' routine!

Girl 2: "Ha ha. Nice."
by Sylvia Plath November 01, 2007
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