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The result of superlative exposure to the sun, beyond that of a mere sunburn. A more efficient way of saying the quaint "third-degree sunburned"
Man, I passed out on the beach yesterday and totally got sunraped. I look like a freakin lobster.
by Vanheezy18 September 14, 2010
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Another term for a sunburn.

Tan = sun-kissed
sunburn = sun-raped
Don't forget the sunscreen or you're gonna get sun-raped.
by Scam March 29, 2006
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Such a quick darkening of skin tone due to sun exposure, it is thought one has been literally raped by the Sun. Not to be confused with being sun burnt, being sunraped is a much more serious condition, and medical help should be acquired as soon after. Depending on how forceful the sunrape, the proper authorities should be notified.
Damn Bianca, you look like you've been sunraped.
by npiacpka February 22, 2011
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