Small druggie town in Alberta with only one set of lights and no one knows how to drive cause they are too fucking high or drunk to do it properly.

Had the best used bookstore ever.

Great gateway town to the Rocky Mountains.
Friend: Let's go to Sundre for some special pizza

Me: What's the main ingredient, pot? Let's just go for the books my faggot friend.
by AlbertanDiggerDog March 18, 2016
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Sundry meaning many & Kindred meaning associate, a word attempting to stereotype the group defined as mainstream.
Mainstream: A genre in music and other forms of media that is often defined by widely-accepted and currently-popular standards, trends, and hypes that have been established by the media, typically resulting in the promotion of superficial traits.

Sundred would be the Stereotypical group that follow these trends.
A wearing clothes all bought from Top-shop would be a Sundred.
A Teenager that Listens to Kanye West or any kind of "Mainstream" Music e.g rap or pop would be a Sundred
Someone Who has Bought GTA V would be a Sundred as GTA being so popular is now defined as "Mainstream"
Chavs could be considered Sundred as they are becoming more and more popular
by Holly and the Balcony September 30, 2013
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