A Korean term which means senior or elder. It uses when a female is speaking to an older male than her in professional or scholastic context.
A: Do you need some help?
B: Yes, I do. Thank you sunbae!
by Naomi Kiwi December 28, 2011
"Sunbae" is a Korean word that means senior or elder to a person in their profession.
"Sunbae, I got these printed out for you,"
"Sunbae had to take a leave because she/he was not feeling well,"
by honestly tired... May 12, 2022
The best day of the week. A lazy Sunday spend with bae.
How was your weekend, dude?

It wasn't great at first, then I had brunch on Sunbae and turned the whole mood around.
by A Real English Teacher August 30, 2015