The worlds largets music festival. Along the Milwaukee lakefront, this 11 day festival over the 4th or July week, has almost a million people pass through its gates.
"Lets go to summerfest tonight."
by Jesse Curtis May 8, 2005
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the country's largest music festival.
inlcudes tons of emerging artist's concerts.
and other larger artists concerts at the marcus amphitheatre where you need to buy tickets.
includes alot of beer, but hey thats wisconsin.
its tons of fun, and dont get me wrong there are things for the children and it doesnt get toooo crazy.
its located on milwuakees lakefront and is all around amazing.
"dude, i went to summerfest last night. it was fxing amazing"
by hln May 19, 2008
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Verb. The act of attending Milwaukees LARGEST music festival, by the name of Summerfest. By attending this means; going with friends, pregaming, drinking, enjoying good vibes of good music, and getting your money's worth by having an out and out kick-ass time. All the while running away from security.
Hey Jean! Would you like join Lola and I on an oh so joyous summerfesting excusion tonight?!
by Ia Marie April 8, 2011
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