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the country's largest music festival.
inlcudes tons of emerging artist's concerts.
and other larger artists concerts at the marcus amphitheatre where you need to buy tickets.
includes alot of beer, but hey thats wisconsin.
its tons of fun, and dont get me wrong there are things for the children and it doesnt get toooo crazy.
its located on milwuakees lakefront and is all around amazing.
"dude, i went to summerfest last night. it was fxing amazing"
by hln May 19, 2008
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a type of dance that is very expressive and tells a story of sorrow, hardship, or sadness.
its a very beautiful dance and is done full-out and expresses feeling through movements of the body.
songs used for lyrical have good lyrics that tell a story.
examples of lyrical songs are:
almost lover-a fine frenzy
the special two-missy higgins
dear mr. president- pink
and also some rock/emo songs like
all around me-flyleaf
that lyrical dance blew me away
by hln May 19, 2008
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