Means "I like you I like you I love you" in Japanese. It's also a name of a song but just a warning.. IF A GIRL SINGS THIS TO YOU RUN! RUN FOR YOU'RE LIFE SINCE THE SONG ALSO HAS THE WORDS "If you don't love I will kill you!" SO HEAR ME OUT NOW! BEFORE YOU DIE!
"Suki suki daisuki... Suki suki daisuki!"
by Edgypotato April 14, 2018
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suku suki daisuki means “I like you i love you’ but if someone ever says this to you RUN because the song has the lyrics “say you love me or i’ll kill you” or if you like them tell them you like them example is bellow.
example 1
girl:suki suki daisuki
boy: i love you too
example 2:
girl: suki suki daisuki
boy: what does that mean?
girl: …. *then you die*
by October 16, 2021
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"suki suki daisuki" "i like you i like you i love you" are the same word but... if a girl says that to you... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE CUZ PART OF THE SONG SAYS " if you dont love i will kill you" RUN! AS FAST AS YOU CAN! THEY CAN STALK YOU PLEASE DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WHO SAYS THAT! (warning this is not a joke if you think it is)
"suki suki daisuki" = i like you i like you if you dont love me i will kill you!"
by sylvi September 12, 2022
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A song that Togawa Jun made, I dont know if this is 100% true but the story is about a woman who gets abused and one day she met a boy who she falls in love with and she gets in a relationship with him and she become obsessed because she has never been loved before
Person 1: man suki suki daisuki is so good man
Person 2: yea i know right
by fruity_bxtch October 8, 2021
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Now I know what you guys are thinking but if a girl/boy says this to you... You don't have to run! Just because In a song it says that if you don't love me I will kill you! The ppl are lying to you if you have not noticed. Sometimes it means that yes, but In other words, the person is confessing to you! So don't believe everything on the internet :)
This is one exmple .girl: Suki suki daisuki!/ Boy: I like you too! :) this is another example: .girl: SUKI suki daisuki..... SUKI SUKI DAISUKI! boy: I don't like you..../ .girl: say you love me... OR I WILL KILL YOU!
by SanrioKawaii July 2, 2022
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