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a car that is jury-rigged with explosives to kill and destroy. Since the driver intends to never go home again he drives into a crowded area to ensure maximum casualties (including him/her self) and destruction. The vehicle is often set with a time bomb set to blow up at the "right" moment, causing massive carnage. A suicide car.
1. American, British, French, Italian and Israeli troops made up the Multi National Force in Lebanon on a peacekeeping and "nation-building" mission. That land was in a state of anarchy and various factions fought with the MNF and each other. One day in October 1983 a sui - car, a Chevrolet loaded with TNT, entered a USMC compound and blew it up, killing over 200 Marines. Similar attacks were made on French and Israeli units. Sui - car attacks continued even after the MNF left, going on until the Lebanese Civil War ended in 1990.

2. In 1993 ex-President George H.W. Bush was in Kuwait to recieve a medal from the Amir. Saddam Hussein sent a sui - car on a mission to kill the senior ex-President Bush but the car bomb blew up much too soon and killed only the driver. Bill Clinton, beings he was now President jumped at the opportunity to prove his critics that he was a man and not a mouse when it came to his role as Commander in Chief. He retaliated by lobbing a bunch of rockets on the Iraqi secret police HQ at a time of his choosing, just as he said he would.

3. The day George W. Bush posed on an aircraft carrier with a "Mission Accomplished" banner sui - car attacks occured thruout anarchaic Iraq. Malls, cafes, fish markets, churches, mosques and other buildings were destroyed by sui - car bombings from various factions and many people have been killed. The madness continues...
by I Saw U2 Live Twice January 11, 2011
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