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The act of engaging in a purely physical/sexual affair with a significant other of a friend or acquaintance. The friend or acquaintance must have no knowledge of the affair. It can be a one time occurrence or an ongoing affair, however, a deeper relationship can not occur, it must be kept purely physical.


When used as a noun, it describes the offending partner of your friend/aquaintnace.

Ian dipped his finger in Jean's sugarbowl.

Ian had sex with Jean's girlfriend.


I bet Ian will be sugarbowling tonight!


I bet Ian will be having sex with Jean's girlfriend tonight!
by CSchiewek May 27, 2005
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A place sugar babies call in the act of having sugar daddies and doing sex work. Another way of describing the sugar lifestyle.
I’m in the sugar bowl; I go out and see my sugar daddy every week to get my allowances and gifts. Gotta make that money!
by Mysterybus339 February 16, 2018
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A haircut, also known a Bull cut or a crew cut. It is used when referring to when some one has botched bull cut or crew cut.
A sugar bowl is when a Barber/Hairdresser puts a sugar bowl over the customers head and shaves around it. It may also be used as a nickname for a person who received a bad haircut in the past.
Story Sugar Bowl, did you get a haircut?

Evan got a sugar bowl, what an idiot.
by IrishFeenJay August 23, 2011
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n. Another word for the female rectum, also commenly known as the anus, poopshoot, butthole, brown eye, leather cheerio, rectum.
Ya, I was bangin' this girl last night and I pulled out and rammed it into her sugar bowl with my spoon. Man I stirred that shit!
by Bourny August 05, 2006
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