The resulting combination of butter and granulated sugar, commonly called "sugar and butter." Both are usually added to a frying pan and melted down together into a sauce. It is usually good for frying french toast or pancakes.
You need to make some sugar-butter before you try to fry the toast.
by The TrUth will find you out December 04, 2007
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When your sugar baby oozes sweet white cream after delivery her allowance and a good pounding !
Sebastien, I gave Sade her allowance last night, followed up with a good pounding and she was so excited the sugar butter dripped down to her asshole.
by Hornbuck January 28, 2016
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“I won’t sugar the butter, but I will butter the toast
A phrase meaning you don’t have any good news, but you’ll give the news regardless. Another way of saying, “I won’t sugar coat this”
“I have some bad news for you”
“Well, don’t sugar the butter, butter the toast
by Jamesmonr January 23, 2018
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A sugar daddy who fits all the specifications of being a classic "sugar daddy", but on top of that is also thicc and sweet in personality, like a butter sugar bun.
Oliver isn't just my sugar daddy, he's a butter sugar daddy!
by kjosephison September 02, 2017
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