A casual way to suggest a straight man might be a homosesual "in the closet" or bisexual.
-girl- "OMG Sarha! Did you see how your boyfriend looked at Mark when he walked in the room? I think he's got a little sugar in his tank"
by Wize One July 13, 2008
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When you wonder if a guy likes the opposite sex or not.
Buddy rubbed me the wrong way with those fruity jokes,,, he may have some sugar in his tank.. Idk if I can be seen with the likes of him, people may look at me funny.
by Immortal1 September 18, 2021
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a term used by mainly black folk to describe a gay man
person 1: girl did you see the way he switches when he walks?? he most definitely has a little sugar in his tank
by ermactually123 August 1, 2023
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