Sexy + cuddling
When you take cuddling to the next level.
When the girl proceeds to induce an erection through the process of rubbing dhat ass on dhat phat dick.
JOHN: "Yo how was hanging wit Jane last night??"
JOE: "Yo man it was lit. We participated in some hardcore suddling."
by bvggnbh November 17, 2015
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There was suddle odor of cigarettes in the air. I would have used the word "subtle" but I'm bad at spelling.
by ragtopvette January 2, 2010
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The definition would be cuddle sex. But the word for doing it would be suddle.
A: anyone wanna cuddle and sex?
B: you mean suddle?
A: oh right.
by Hoxxie November 12, 2020
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An act to make ones own abilities seem less than what they actually are. Being modest about who they are and the skills they portray
She seemed very Suddle when i was complementing her on how well she played the piano
by skartus October 6, 2008
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the lack of suddlety, aslo lacking restraint on words.
the person was very suddle when stating his speech.
by Jonathan Shaffer February 21, 2005
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