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a suckster is one part hipster and one part sucker.
person 1: "see that guy over there with the tight jeans and the vintage glasses frames?"
person 2: "yeah."
person 1: "well, he just bought the same jeans at the expensive vintage store for $120 that he could've gotten at the Salvation Army for $5."
person 2: "what a suckster."


any hipster who also just sucks. note that this includes the vast majority of hipsters.
by mur the scientist biker May 01, 2008
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Suckster is a synonym for Christmas. It is called suckster nowadays because the traditions of the day suck and because the traditions have nothing to do with Jesus.
Jack: So Bob, what are you doing for Suckster this year?
Bob: I'm going to put a meaningless dead fire hazard Suckster tree into my house and heat it and let it get real dry; I'm going to buy Suckster presents I can't afford to give to people who will pretend to like them; I'm putting off until Suckster buying some of the stuff like shirts and socks and underwear that I should have already provided for my family but I'll get double credit if I wait until Suckster; I'm going to visit and eat and drink on Suckster, the coldest day of the year; when my kids bug me for a toy, I just put them off until Suckster so maybe they'll forget about it; Suckster is the only day I attend my Catholic church mASS and while I'm there I'll inspect the priest's side of the confessional booth for pecker tracks.
by pamschel May 03, 2009
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