from a song "evry me and every you" by Placebo, "sucker love" is using people for sex until you get bored with them. It's the complete opposite of relationships and love.
"sucker love I always find, someone to bruise and leave behind"
by F1nch May 21, 2005
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Someone who is in a desperate search for love. In some cases it's so bad that the person is dating someone who is using them for sex. They don't even notice and are in need of a wake-up-call.
"You are such a sucker for love!"
by itakemytwistwithashout February 16, 2008
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a person who is addicted to kissing, hugging, touching and rubbing
im a sucker for love!:)
by Danity kane June 09, 2008
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Noun, Someone whose happy romantic relationship absorbs all the available love in their surroundings, leaving their single friends and colleagues unable to find happy romantic relationships of their own. Can be used to refer to long-term, committed relationships or to couples in the beginning stages of a relationship. Can also be used as a verb, i.e. "to love-suck"
Oh, you two are so cute. You're such love-suckers!

We can't be friends anymore! I can't ever get a boyfriend because you're such a love-sucker!

I don't mean to love-suck, but we're just so happy together.
by Single and a little bitter October 31, 2009
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Fool who will do anything for sex. Even stupid things.
"You jumped back fomr chump love you jumped back for cover but oh no no no I'm no chump lover sucker!" - Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Chump Love Sucker
by Gary Cherone June 20, 2006
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