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One who possesses a lower rapport with the bro community than he considers himself to possess.
The etymology is traced from the Sudra caste of Vedic canon; a subro is considered inferior to bros of a finer variety.
"That Luis kid is kind of a phony. He's not a real bro."
"Yeah, he's a subro. Pseudo-bro."
by tomahawk, debonair, and chip February 06, 2010
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A club in which the only members are Chelsea, Ian, vampires and werewolves. This club consists of sitting in a circle, naked, eating pie and play on Nintendo DS's, after which it involves plotting against Bella Swan. Also, naked pie fights.

Origin: taken from the word 'super' and the word pro'. A common misspelling is 'supro', but that's just silly.
The Subro is so exclusive! I wish I could get in.
by Sthalor August 04, 2008
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