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a subling is usually a small person (unless your old), that is the offspring of your sibling.

'sublings' refers to the group of people we currently call "nieces and nephews". Since we use the word 'siblings' to refer to our "sisters and brothers", we need a related word for their kids. Just replace the 'i' with a 'u'.
Since I have lots of siblings and they have lots of kids, I have an army of sublings. I buy birthday cards in bulk.
by ThomMc July 12, 2008
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the collective noun to describe kids of siblings. There is currently no collective word to describe ones nieces and nephews.
My sublings always hover around me when i visit them for christmas, calling me their favourite uncle!
by chetnyc January 13, 2010
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Just as in a conventional family where the children of a common parent are siblings those in a BDSM D/s relationship in which 2 or more submit to a common Dominant are 'sublings'.

Siblings in submission.
The sublings pet toy richard, switch girl rachel and diaper dan are well cared for and protected by their Dominant Mistress A....who just happens to be the best ever!!
by richard.sub October 25, 2017
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A gender neutral term used to describe the children of your own siblings.
My sister has 2 children and my brother has 3, therefore I have 5 sublings.
by GiskardReventlov October 24, 2017
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A word broadly describing people you feel are beneath you in status. Like "underling" used specifically to put down others.
"Greetings, sublings! Poppa's going to teach you something today!"
by WEEEH! April 05, 2017
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