Twitter status updates (or tweets) that are directed towards a person without directly addressing them.
Girl: Did you see his twitter page?
Girl 2: Yeah, he had a subliminal tweet you about how he thinks you faked your pregnancy and abortion in 07.
by omgisthistakentoo!? January 26, 2010
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Subliminal tweeting is the art of tweeting, but deleting it straight after.

People see it but then it's gone... did they really see it??
Dude no. 1: "Dude did you see that on twitter about.."
Dude no. 2: "No dude, show us..."
Dude no. 1: "Oh it was there a minute ago..."

Dude no. 2: "Dude did you actually see it?"
Dude no. 1: "Course man. Defo a case of subliminal tweeting, right there!"
by Bukk Trend September 4, 2010
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