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Large multi-role jet that is very maneuverable and has a very powerful radar and kill system. Built for one but never officially cited reason: Killing Yankees
After destroying all the F/A-22's the SU-30's switched to bomber role and loaded up the A2G's and sank all the carriers and blew up all the invading ground troops. The pilots landed and enjoyed some green tea while watching the replay footage.
by MEC_FORCES March 23, 2007
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The Sukhoi Su-30, a Russian twin seat fighter, is equipped with Thrust Vectoring and super advanced radar systems. Capable of carriing just about every weapon in the Russian Air Force it certinally is a firece aircraft. Although comparable to the American F-22A in it's flight dynamics, it isn't stealth, that one thing makes it inferior to the F-22A for if it had to go up against a Raptor, it would get it's ass handed to it by the Raptor from 50 km by an AIM-120 AMRAAM. Still a gorgeous aircraft, it is also the current aircraft of the Russian Air Force Demonstration team, the Russian Knights. India has another version called the Su-30 M/KI.
The Su-30 MKI found an American F-15C Eagle on it's radar, it locked it up and launched an R-77 Adder missile and destroyed the Eagle.
by Minority June 11, 2007
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