He be a bacon hair noobie and gets bullied cause he has no Roux. He loves the cereal bacon flakes and his wife is Albert/ Flamingo and he kisses him too (a lot) He died 335 times this year so that's pretty epic.
Su Tart: I don't want to go to scCool I need ROUX.

Su Tart Dad: Yes

Su Tart: Ok
by Dhchbsjxhnxdg vbbbn October 28, 2019
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Su Tart is an epic Roblox player, who is feared by Albert/Flamingo.
Su Tart is king.
by .sunkin.lovely February 26, 2021
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An absolute legend of roblox who is an bacon hair and eats bacon corn flakes. He is a noob and has no robux. But he is still epik (epic)
He's made by Flamingo aka Alberto.
Robloxian 1: plays an game about su tart
Someone named Su_TartIsMe appears
Robloxian 1: Looks at leader board OMG IS THAT SU TART!?
by ImTheLocalIdiot June 8, 2021
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Su tart is a god to lower mortals he is the strongest person ever in roblox even compared to other games and hell even goku for fuck sake he’s that fucking powerful he is stronger then BIG LION OH GOD HE IS GOING MAD WITH POWER OH GOD HELP ME OH FUCKING GOD HEL-
Guy#1: su tart is so crazy
Guy#3: power is why he went mad
by Just a epic weeb February 2, 2020
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Su Tart is a child who lives with his loving father who calls him sun, but gets bullied everyday at school, BUT he has his favorite snack to make him feel better - Bacon Flakes, these scrumpcious flakes of bacons are Su Tart's favorite snack, it has a very salty but also savory taste and causes diarrhea. Su Tart became famous because of Flamingo Albert's videos (subscribe to him), he has many Roblox sad story videos that will make you pee, fart, and cry at the same time, although it may sound very sad, Albert makes it a bit funny so we dont pee, fart, and cry that much.
Su Tart Is Chill.
by Suscrib2FalingoYT May 13, 2022
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