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_sturgle: (verb) to act somewhat foolishly; to be farting around, either with self or others.

_sturgumulate: (verb) to act exceedingly foolishly; to be farting around humungous amounts, either with self or others.

_sturgilliferous: (adjective) the result of being sturgumulated. To be seriously discomfited by an other's sturgling.

_sturgumulation: (noun) the name of the state you end up in as a result of being seriously besturgled.
"Move, or I will sturgle you."

"What are you doing, Dad?" "Just sturgling around, dear."

"Son, can you please stop your ridiculous sturgumulating and get dressed!"

"I am sorry, my darling. My sturgilliferous behaviour was too much. I do apologise."

"My sturgumulation really pissed him off. Perhaps I'd better apologise, hey."
by thomkk October 10, 2013
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