girl 1: so i was watching tv and stupid came on
girl 2: what Jonas and Hanna Montan was on!?!!?
girl 1: (slaps girl 2)
by Lucas Lover October 13, 2009
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can be used to amplify positive words, also can be used in conjuction with 'mad' or 'hella'
Dude, that hot dog was stupid good!

Your mom is mad stupid hot,yo!
by b-dizzle May 22, 2002
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To enhance a word positively. As in "Playaz Circle - Stupid".
"I got a bankroll, stupid bankroll". Means so big it's outrageous.
I got a stupid stack wit alot of 0's and when I pull up I'm wit alot of hoes. She got stupid brain.
by marie79 June 22, 2009
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A person that can only say ignorant shit.
Trisha "Girl you seen Meg's hair today?"
Alice "No why?'
Trisha 'She think she is cute knowing she ain't nothing'
Alice "Trisha, you stupid!'
by Nate15 February 07, 2015
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Dumb, ignorant, not being smart.
Person #1:I'm going to set your house on fire.

Person #2:Dont be stupid.
by V1rus_1111 March 10, 2009
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