the easiest way to insult a woman
"get me a sandwich, woman"


"stupid cow"

and then he drops dead
the end.
by rawrpurpledinoivana July 25, 2010
(adverb) The sort of mile-long stare that a cow exhibits when out in the pasture chewing her cud or otherwise doing nothing but staring out into nothingness. Normally used as a metephore or simile.
She stood there with a blank, cow stupid stare. Nothing whatsoever was on her mind.
by cristobaldelascasas May 12, 2006
noun: a guy on discord that is annoying or stupid he gets upset very easily and most likely looks like the guy from the poler express or satin his hobbies usually include playing stupid games like rocket leag or cs go he loves balls and he is the route of all evil

oh yeah btw he really likes cars
me: I have a pic of you IRL

stupid cow: I'm suing you
everyone: goddamit cow
by the guy 123456 September 14, 2021