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DUH!! all of those are wrong.
The word STUP is yiddish meaning TO FUCK.
yo' myron look at that shana madel (pretty girl)
boy i'd sure like to STUP that.

myron: stick! (a common responce to STUP)
by Schlemeel-Schlemozzle December 18, 2007
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I told my bro, Dawg1998, that i liked to run into oncoming traffic. He said I was STUP.
by AtlPhishMkt February 10, 2004
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A person who has the qualities of being, Stupid, idiotic, and a dumbass.
You Stup, such a dumbass, you got a F.
by ReezISDILUOS January 25, 2017
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short term for stupid; often used when someone has said something incredibly stupid
1. "Yeah i handled that bitch last night!"

"Stups! she was sleeping at janets house"

2. "Stups! how you gonna act! saying that dumb shit!"
by the bad seed June 18, 2009
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Short for stupid. To do or say things a douchebag would. To be annoying, bald, and idiotic. Things that are STUP usually causes eyes to roll.
Trevor always says things like "let's get stupid." He is totally STUP.
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by Krispy2624 August 15, 2016
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Very inept in challenges of the mind. Only capable of minor mental faculties. Antonym of Smar.
Lenny: You're askin' me to help you with your homework again? You're such a Stup.
Carl: C'mon Lenny, give me a hand here, those are real harsh words!
by Emmett Arthur June 05, 2007
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